Smart Savings Rewards

What is the Smart Savings Rewards Program?

Smart Savings Rewards is a NYSEG/RG&E voluntary demand response program in partnership with EnergyHub and ThinkEco. It rewards you for reducing your electricity use during periods of high demand, while helping the environment and the reliability of the electricity grid.

Participants will receive a free smartAC kit that allows them to connect their room air conditioner to the Internet and control it from a smartphone or computer. As a thank you, participants will also receive a $20 Amazon e-gift card after they have installed their free smartAC kit.

As part of the program, NYSEG/RG&E will ask you to participate in temperature adjustment events. During these events, NYSEG/RG&E will reduce your AC’s power usage by adjusting the smartAC thermostat remote up to 5 degrees above the current temperature or turning the AC on and off intermittently. You can choose to be notified before a temperature adjustment event occurs, and most people don't even notice the change. These events will occur at most 15 times per summer.

For every temperature adjustment event you fully participate in, you will receive a $5 bill credit. Bill credits will post within 4-6 weeks after a temperature adjustment event.

*Note: After receiving your free smartAC kit, you have 21 days to install your smartAC kit(s) and finish enrollment. If you do not, you will be charged $96 per smartAC kit on the credit card provided during your application. You can receive a refund if you return your smartAC kit (using the free return label) within 4 weeks from the date you were charged.

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