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My modlet does not connect to my network

While trying to connect to your home network, your modlet’s red LED light will spin fast, then stop once it has successfully connected. If the modlet light does not go off or goes back to spinning slowly, the modlet was unsuccessful in connecting to your WiFi.

Slow-spinning red light         Fast-spinning red light

In order to reconnect the modlet, you will need to factory reset the modlet by holding down the LED button until you see the slow-spinning light again, and unplugging and replugging the modlet to check that the slow-spinning light persists. Now that the modlet is reset, you can use your a browser or smartAC app to reconnect your modlet to your network. If you have reset your modlet, you will also have to factory reset your thermostat remote before rejoining it. If the connection fails again, it might be due to an incompatibility between the modlet and your current WiFi settings. Sometimes rebooting your WiFi router can solve the problem. All you need to do is unplug your router for 30 seconds and then replug it. After you reboot your router, you will need to factory reset the modlet and attempt to rejoin it again. If you first tried to set up using the smartphone app, you should try setting up through a web browser, and vice versa. If that does not help the modlet connect, you might have to manually change your router settings:

For classic modlet BN WiFi users, if your router is not configured to communicate on the 802.11b protocol, check your wireless settings using
these instructions.

If the b-protocol is enabled, then your firewall might not be allowing your 
modlet to connect. Use these instructions to configure your firewall settings.

If you don't see your WiFi network when you scan for available networks, check out this article about the 5 GHz band.

*Make sure that each time you attempt to connect the 
modlet to your WiFi, the modlet light is spinning slowly. If your modlet
light is spinning fast, it should be factory reset before attempting another connection.

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